Just another thing Whistler has to offer is the amazing lakes right out your front door. I’ve listed a few below…

Alta Lake

The view is incredible here! Alta Lake is the biggest lake in Whistler and boasts three different beaches to hang out at. Lakeside is a short 10 minute bike ride, or a pleasant 30 minute walk from Whistler Village on the Valley Trail where you’ll find a sandy beach, picnic tables and barbeques, washrooms and a concession stand renting canoes and kayaks. The biggest, Rainbow Park, is located on the west side of Alta Lake, a pleasant 20 minute bike ride along the valley trail from both Whistler Village and Whistler Creekside and boosts: a concession stand renting canoes and kayaks, volleyball courts, picnic tables and barbeques, vending machine and lots of parking space. Wayside Park is accessible by the valley trail system and also by car, you’ll find a small beach, a dock, picnic tables and barbeques and a concession stand renting kayaks. 

Did you know?

In 1911 Whistler was know as Alta Lake and home to just a handful of trappers, prospectors and loggers.

Green Lake

Green Lake is the marvellously vivid, green coloured lake just north of Whistler Village. During the summer months, it is the perfect place to enjoy your water sports including paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing and boating. Not only is this lake perfect for your watersports but it’s also home to the landing spot of the Harbour Air float planes…so while your out on your paddleboard you can enjoy a waterfront viewing of the planes landing. 

Did you know?

You can actually paddle from Alta Lake to Green Lake via the River of Golden Dreams – another bucket-list item.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is a small lake within walking distance of Whistler Village and is a popular attraction with a beach area and surrounding trails for hiking and biking. In the summer I recommend grabbing your bike or a rental for a lap of the Lost Lake Loop and then taking a dip off one of the docks to cool off. Cross-country skiing is part of Lost Lake’s DNA, there’s a fantastic network of XC trails. Trails are generally open for skiing from mid-December to mid-March, depending on weather conditions. 

Did you know?

Hidden away in the forest, Lost Lake gained its name because it can only be seen from the water’s edge and from the sky.

Alpha Lake

Alpha Lake Park is a beautiful little park on the shores of Alpha Lake in Creekside, just 5 kilometres south of Whistler Village.  This quiet residential street leads to this park that is home to tennis courts, a basketball court, a huge waterfront dog park, an elaborate kids play park, a floating dock, two piers and biking/walking/running trails everywhere you look.  These spots are always facing the sun and amazing on a sunny day. Lots of amenities here including a dog friendly park, a sandy beach, a kid’s playground, tennis and volleyball courts and public BBQ’s.

Did you know?

The wide and paved Valley Trail runs along the shore and a gravel trail runs along the far side.  The gravel trail, squeezed between the train tracks and the lake takes you to Pine Point Park, here the trails zig-zag through the forest to several hidden vantage points over the lake. 

Nita Lake

Nita Lake is a tranquil little lake located in Creekside, just 4 kilometres south of Whistler Village.  Whistler’s beautiful Valley Trail runs right along the edge of Nita Lake and continues past the beautiful Nita Lake Lodge.  A small gravel beach with a creek flowing through it gives the park consistently good fishing.  Two picnic tables sit in a forest clearing next to the creek.  At the end of the lake there are two piers.  One is a public pier and the other is for Nita Lake Lodge guests.

Did you know?

Looking for somewhere in the summer that isn’t as busy? Nita Lake is comparatively quiet as compared to other Whistler lakes and parks.