What’s happening on the Sea to Sky?

This week I had the pleasure of joining in on the Sea to Sky Real Estate 2021 & Beyond community update. The panel was a diverse group of community leaders from Whistler, the SLRD (Squamish-Lillotlett Regional District), Squamish, Pemberton, and the Squamish-Lill’wat nation.

I am so excited to see all of the changes coming forth in the area in the future. See my summary of what was talked about below!


Jack Crompton, Whistler’s Mayor joined and touched on how it’s reaching historical highs for property prices and historical lack of supply. Jack talked about the breakdown of buyers based on MLS stats and how foreign buyers’ taxes will likely not affect the Whistler market too much. The new housing project at RiverRun in Cheakamus Crossing and the new WHA housing was discussed. This plan is extensive and will bring forth more affordable housing for working locals.
The increased wait time to get permits was brought up.  Jack blamed the cyber attack and the pandemic as the primary reasons for the delays.
During the question period, it was asked if RMOW was planning on changing any Phase 2 properties. RMOW does not want to change any phase 2 on suites.
Another question was in regards to a train to transport people between Vancouver, Squamish, and Whistler. As this project is immense and would cost millions of dollars it would need to be an undertaking by the Ministry of Transit and the Federal Government.

Pemberton & Squamish Lil’Wat Nation

Ted Cradic spoke for Pemberton and gave an in-depth account of what to expect in the next five years. Did you know that the average age in Pemberton is 36? That means lots of babies and kids! There is a new K – 12 French Immersion school coming to Pemberton with a capacity of 410 students to help accommodate the upcoming boom.
The NKWUKMA -Skenkenam indigenous community has purchased a 31.17-hectare parcel of land above the Benchlands. Over a 20-25 year period, they will take on the project of building 500 homes upon this land. As this is a massive undertaking this project will happen in phases. Phase 1 is starting soon and is approx $27.5 Million. This community will serve as a training ground for builders as well as a model community for other indigenous nations.
There is a new development of 32 units going in at Harrow Rd and Highway 99 with 32 units. This will be for people with disabilities and the elderly. There is a lot of focus on Age-friendly affordable housing in Pemberton and will continue to be looked at in the future.
Final a fun fact for Pemberton! Homes are now classified as Chalets as the average chalet with acreage in Pemby is now $1.748 Million! Great news for everyone invested in Pemberton real estate!

SLRD & Squamish-

Holy smokes, that’s a big area. Did you know the SLRD is a third the size of Sweden? Crazy. LOTS going on in this section Kim Needham was the panelist for this region. According to her calculations, we can expect this area to increase by approximately   5,000 people in the next 5 years.
Another fact I learned is that no billboards are allowed in the SLRD, otherwise, I would love to have my own!
The SLRD is now coming up with a heritage management strategy to protect these with all of the new developments.
Each electoral district has its own community plan as we know and each plan now has a climate focus. Lots of focus on hazards by the regional district, the climate crisis will bring on a lot more floods, fires, avalanches, slides, etc. Geotech’s are now needed before any building permits are issued.
There will be a requirement to build Zero net emissions buildings coming in by 2023. The aim is to be at 36% emissions by 2030 by 2040 and 0% by 2050.There will be an emphasis on investment in emerging sectors like green economies, agrifoods, and outdoor recreation gear.
Lots of new developments coming in! WOOHOO inventory! The issue is that new fire services will be needed in Britannia Beach in order to complete these. North Britania (mine museum) has a build capability of 850-1000 units, however due to the fire service restrictions currently in play they will be building 225 lots 60 units will be suites and an additional 73 townhomes have been approved.
Other new developments currently being read are the following:
South Britannia- 1000 units including a hotel, wave pool coveted affordable housing, townhomes, and apartments. This area will also have a full public beach which is currently a major focus of the SLRD and developers.
Furry Creek- Wedged North and South of the 99 this development will have 870 dwellings including a couple of condo towers between the 14th hole and the ocean (how nice, eh?!). The other units will be SFH and townhomes. There will be some new commercial units here as well.
Porteau Cove-1030 Mixed units coming in at Porteau Cove (little information is available from the developers)
The Ski Hill- Brohm Ridge/ Garibaldi @ Squamish Environmental checks have been passed, the group behind the project has not applied for any rezoning permits and it is currently not zoned for that. Large hoops need to be lept through in order to make this dream a reality.
Squamish is going to be putting in a couple of new roads in order to help deal with the number of new developments There is an area being held in reserve to create a future by-pass above furry creek. The Department of Transportation (Provincial Government) needs to approve and plan this. So far no plans have been put forward.
As a Realtor in Whistler and the Sea to Sky corridor, I am hopeful that we will be able to share our community with more people in the near future!

If you have any questions about the Sea to Sky community or Real Estate please reach out to me and my team!