One of the documents you are always able to review when you are making an offer on a home is the Title. This document shows important information that you will want to be familiar with when purchasing a property.

Owner name and address – Are you entering into a contract with the owner of the property? You want to confirm their name matches the contract because though it’s rare, there has been instances where someone who is not the property owner has tried to sell a house.
Legal description – Make sure the legal description is the same on the Contract of Purchase and Sale and the Title. You would not want to enter into a contract to buy the wrong property!
Charges on title – There are numerous charges that could appear in this section. Mortgages, liens, easements, covenants, right of ways and building schemes are some of the common charges. These are best reviewed with your Realtor and your Real Estate Lawyer for a few reasons. You want to make sure there is nothing registered on the title that would prevent the Seller from completing, and you need to know how the charges affect your use of the property. If there is an easement for the benefit of another party, that means someone else has unfettered access to the land that the easement covers. That is important to know!