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Hiking season is long and so is the list of hikes available in the Sea to Sky region. Here are a few sure to impress you.   Rainbow Lake Rainbow Lake is located in Whistler and is one of the area’s most scenic and pristine alpine lakes. In August, the wildflowers around the lake are […]

Renting Vs. Buying

The age old question, is renting vs buying better. This answer may vary depending on what your personal circumstances are.  Flexibility Renting means you can move each time your lease ends without penalty, for those people who move around frequently for work or seasonal ventures, this ability to move freely can be very appealing. However […]

Mortgage Pre Approval and Final Approval

Preparing for a Mortgage Pre Approval Being pre-approved is an important part of the process in purchasing real-estate when financing is required. There are some ways that you can prepare for it that will make the process go much more smoothly. Firstly, having the documentation that will be required from you, ready for your financial […]