A-Frame Cabins- The Sought-After Mountain Resort Gem

Due to less expensive in building costs, the A-frame home was a family vacation staple from the 1930s through to the 1970s & 1980s. Companies were even selling DIY kits for people to build the home themselves. With a sloping roof that nearly (and sometimes does!) touch the ground, its shape is optimal in climates that experience heavy snowfall. The structure is famous for being a simpler build, as its humble in size and often comprised of a modest, compact floorplan.

“The reason for the recent popularity of the A-frame is the vintage look. It brings back a lot of memories, especially for millennials and baby boomers, like myself, reminding us of way back in the day when these homes were prevalent,” says Bob Angilella, an agent and team leader with RE/MAX Big Bear in Big Bear Lake, California.

While some have been refurbished, many A-frame homes hitting the market still boast their original shag carpeting, an orange-colored kitchen, dark wood paneling or a woodstove – typically freestanding or hovering from the ceiling.

It’s no surprise that in 2021, people are brimming with wanderlust. The pandemic lifestyle has vacation-goers and relocators alike searching for a getaway that feels almost off-grid. And coupled with the constant presence of technology, it’s no wonder those who seek out an A-frame admire its symbolism of days gone by, a memento of nature’s tranquility and time spent with loved ones.

He also says that in today’s hot housing market, these homes are selling fast – whether buyers are looking for an immediate getaway or a renovation project. Knowing the current fascination with the style, too, Angilella says many are seeking out these homes as a possible investment opportunity.

“Buying a cabin [and renting it out] could be a great way to generate income, help pay the bills, help pay the mortgage, and still have a vacation home to escape to,” he explains.

As they aren’t built as often anymore, A-frames are harder to come by – and when they hit the market, there’s sure to be quite the buzz surrounding them. Whether it’s the fond memories they resurface or the quality time in nature they provide, these nostalgic oases continue to delight those who visit decades after their popularization.